Hunner’s Market

Was born out of a need for local, clean, whole foods with an eye to sustainable and humane farming methods.

Community Grocer

We are your community grocer and are proud to offer fresh, organic produce to you from New York state and beyond.

Wide Selection

We created our community market with everyone in mind and we carry a wide selection of food, and products, to serve many needs and preferences.

Our specialities includes organic, local and natural food, supplements and non-toxic household products.

We offer the best produce, beef, fish, and poultry we can find.  Whenever possible our foods are sourced from local farms and producers.

Our unique intersection of people, water and land in the Thousand Islands region creates a rich variety for our community.  With help from our local farmers and community members, we are able to provide a diverse offering of food and foster a true food society in Clayton and our surrounding communities.

Our TI neighborhood fosters a healthy approach to wellness and healing through our area’s offering of yoga, massage, spirituality, nutritional counseling and environmental preservation.  Hunner’s Market adds one more spoke in the wheel of wellness through our considered, healthy food selections.

We are especially excited about our ‘grab & go’ healthy choice, daily prepared options to nourish and support our hardworking community members.


Hunner’s Market has created an opportunity for you to introduce creative, healthy, and delicious options for eating and wellness.

Your family deserves to share and experience all an organic local market has to offer.